Aengus Keogh

High Concept: Eternal Caretaker

Other Aspects: Probably Not The Dagda At All, Drink You Under The Table, Salt Of The Earth

Motivation: Protect the secret of the Guinness Brewery, while keeping the beer flowing.

Aengus is a bluff, unkempt, uncouth giant of a man who oversees the maintenance at the Guinness brewery. His crass, earthy sense of humour and blunt manner tend to put people off, but he stays out of other people’s business. In return, he expects folks to stay out of his, and is not above making his point with a gentle belt to the gob. Oh, and he is probably not the Dagda at all.


  • Macha MacRuad – Proprietess of the Silver Arm. Claim to be cousins.
  • Bob Dirk – Guinness brewery manager.

Aengus Keogh

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