Capital of the Republic of Ireland, Dublin sits at the mouth of the River Liffey. For centuries, it has served as one of Ireland’s primary harbours, and is still a centre of commerce and tourism. The economic revival of Thatcher’s 80’s made it to Ireland in the late 90’s, and brought new affluence to the country, along with a wave of modernization that had been sorely needed by the lower classes of society. With the prosperity came a hopefulness that led to the lessening of tensions between Unionists and Nationalists, resulting in the Good Friday Agreement and a commitment to peace between the two traditional enemies.

All is not rosy, however. The great changes in Ireland are mainly the result of the games of the Summer and Winter Courts, using the country as a gameboard in their endless competition for supremacy. The fey disregard for the mortals in the country, and the long memories and grudges borne by both mortal and supernatural inhabitants mean that there is still a fringe of violent extremists, remnants of the Troubles, working to push their agenda forward.

Dublin is a city beset, both by its past and by the future. As the Troubles fade, a new wave of immigration tests the limits of the city’s tolerance, with increasing populations of people from the Middle East, Eastern Europe, Africa, and South-East Asia. These newcomers bring not only their own cultures, but their own criminals, spirits, gods, and demons.

In this city, with its history of being conquered, its past as the Second City of the Empire, its rich literary and cultural heritage, a new battle is being waged over top of the old battles. The Tenth Wave has reached the Emerald Shore.

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